Voltage and power outlets in Dubai. What are they like?

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We live connected. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops have become our travel partners to help in planning and discovering a new destination. The only problem is: they – the electronics – do not survive more than a day without a battery recharge. So you need to plan ahead to adapt your equipment to the outlets and the voltage of Dubai.

Dubai has a type G socket, a model consisting of three pins in the shape of rectangles that form the pattern of a triangle (two horizontal and one vertical). See the picture below:



England, Hong Kong, Ireland, Bahrain, Singapore, Scotland, Malaysia and Uganda also use this type of power outlet, considered the safest in the world, but the electronics bought in Brazil and the United States, for instance, do not fit the model.

For every traveler’s happiness, the solution is simple: just buy an universal adapter, which will cost you anywhere from US$ 5 – and they are sold everywhere here, in Dubai, if you forget yours.

“Why should I buy an universal adapter and not one that works from my country-to-Dubai?”, you ask. Simply because some imported articles may have the cable with pins on some other models. You will also be very happy to have made that choice if you decide to buy some electronics during your stay here or if you travel to another country, as it will continue to work without restrictions.


You are super relaxed now that you bought your universal adapter? Hold on. The voltage in Dubai is also different from Brazil and some other countries. Of course, today most manufacturers already have the sense to produce devices that support different voltages – at least for these portable and super basic electronics, such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks. But it is important to always check before plugging. After all, a mismatch can literally toast your beloved device.